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Finisterrae’s Cronotopo: ‘The Cronotopos is defined by Mikhail Bakhtin (writer 1934\1985) “a time-space”, that is a kind of interconnection, through that it is possible to describe, at the same time, an historical and imaginary time and space.
PLEO and URKUMA choose to take as reference Murray Schaffer’s soundscapes, recording 30 seconds of sound every 5 kilometers along Salento’s coast (Italy), from T.Castiglione (Jonic coast) to Casalabate (Adriatic coast).
185 kilometers were scoured and “recorded” , from 9.36 a.m. to 7.20 p.m. in 28.06.2004; passing trough “finisterrae’s coast”, which was considered the border-land of the south-east of Italy.
The listener can live again the sonic exploration of PLEO and URKUMA recordings. Every sample is assembled obtaining a single track, made by “fade-in and fade-out” technique.It is a “sonic-safari” through nature, buildings, streets, pre-recorded bells, aqueduct, dogs, voices, silence’.

19 de junio de 2006

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